New Trucks 

Every truck is custom–built to your unique specifications. The greatest benefit of Western Star quality and customization is the truck’s ability to perform well in response to the terrain, climate and applicational requirements.

If you want it, we’ll work to build it.

Premium Highway


Western Star trucks are a combination of beauty and brawn, style welded to steel — offered in a wide choice of axle, hood and sleeper configurations, including both the smallest and the largest walk -through sleepers on the road, our premium Star Light Stratospheres, featuring the 82” Ultra High Roof.


Premium Vocational

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Construction sites destroy trucks. Western Star can help … with shot-peened steel frames able to take the abuse, and options like a severe-duty cab, all-wheel drive and other premium components. The Western Star cab can be custom spec’d with new technologies that offer the highest level of durability and weight-savings.


Severe/Extreme Duty

2017 (4)SelfLoader-830

In situations where the ordinary rules of tonnage and terrain cease to apply, it’s prime Western Star territory. You go where other truckers won’t. We work where other trucks can’t. Every component can be severe-duty certified. We can spec up to 8×6 axle configurations, all-wheel drives, twin steers, planetary axles and quadruple frame rails for practically limitless load bearing strength, and moreWe made our reputation with a can do attitude toward any custom request. Popular logging options include a severe duty cab, tridem drive rear axles, heavy duty suspensions a variety of radiator sizes and a wide range of logging bumpers.


Western Star Cab

2017 (3) 4900sb_bulkhaul_white2_830x404

If your business calls for a truck, there’s no better place to work than inside a Western Star. This is one serious cab putting steel between you and the road.

Known for its roominess and quiet ride, it takes all the punishment the job can dish out … while pampering you with its ride. Isn’t that what a premium truck is supposed to do?

Used Trucks

Great trucks at the right price. A North Florida Western Star pre-owned vehicle offers you dependability backed by our prime quality inspection program. Once our vehicles have completed their inspection, repair and renewal program they are certified and ready to drive. You can browse online to see what’s available today.

Sales Department Staff

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